Pregnancy Massage

How can a pregnancy massage help?

Specialised Pregnancy Massage can be of enormous benefit not only to the Mother but also to the unborn baby. Massage during pregnancy can be a magical experience for both the receiver and the giver. It emotionally and physiologically supports a woman during a time when her body is undergoing many changes and can help prepare her body for birth.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, but with the joys of a new baby’s development, comes many changes to the mothers’ body, putting pressure on joints, ligaments and organs, often causing discomfort and pain.

There is ample evidence which supports the tremendous benefits of pregnancy massage. It can help alleviate aches and pains and other common health problems associated with pregnancy. Preparing for the arrival of the new baby brings much excitement, but also plenty of stress. Massage can help to reduce stress levels due to its calming effect.

Furthermore, research shows that the baby can benefit greatly from massage as ‘feel good’ endorphins are released by the mother during massage and are passed onto the baby. Quite often the therapist will feel the baby kick and move as it too responds to the massage treatment.

Receiving regular massage whilst pregnant can make the mother more aware of her own body. This can help with the ability to relax during the 1st stage of labour often resulting in shorter and easier births, less pain and a lower rate of postnatal complications (e.g. few premature births). Furthermore it can lead to increased breast feeding success due to the increased prolactin and mammary development.

Summary of the benefits of massage in pregnancy

* Stimulation of the circulation – this will distribute essential nutrients and fluid to all the vital organs of the body, especially the placenta, which will free and aid the development of the baby.

* Lymphatic drainage will eliminate toxins from the cells and blood and help reduce oedema, which can be a contributory factor in carpal tunnel and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

* Sluggish bowel movement is aided, helping to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids.

* Releases muscular tension of the upper back, shoulders, lower back and hips, easing the discomfort of sciatica, prolapsed discs and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), often caused by postural change and hormone release.

* Releases compression on the nerves caused by muscle tension or oedema.

* Helps to avoid varicose veins from developing.

* Massaging the intercostals and pectoral muscles will help the respiratory system and aid breathing during the pregnancy and birth.

* Induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep (it is reported that women who sleep well during the last month of pregnancy have a shorter labour).

* Helps to reduce emotional stress, anxiety and creates a sense of well-being.

* Helps to lower or keep high blood pressure balanced.

* Massage encourages the release of Oxytocin. This is a pain reducing hormone providing vital relief of pain during labour and birth.

*Massage will enhance the client’s relations with her body, her unborn child and partner.

* A stress-free environment is created, in combination with the mother’s healthy diet and lifestyle, in which the baby can peacefully and lovingly grow.

* Vital monitoring support is provided by the therapist and health care professional.

What happens during the massage.

You will be asked to remove your clothing (except underpants) in total privacy. Pillows will be provided so you can make yourself comfortable on the massage bed, with a large sheet and blanket to cover your body. During the massage, only the part of your body being massaged will be exposed, to ensure your modesty. A plant-based massage oil will be applied to the skin to allow free movement of the massage/stretching techniques and to nourish the skin. A full body massage usually treats the back, legs, abdomen, arms, chest and neck.

After-care advice.

Pregnancy Massage has a very soothing effect on the mother and the baby. You can encourage cleansing by drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol for the next 24 hours. Also try to avoid any exercise for 24 hours following treatment and try to rest and allow your body to nurture from within. You will feel so deeply relaxed after this treatment, make sure you keep the rest of your day free to really enjoy the benefits!  Natural food supplements such as well-immune, vital vitamin C and naturally nourishing are excellent to support growing baby and to ensure both your nutritional needs are met.

1 hour 15 minute treatment – £52.00

Please text 07799183362 to book.


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