Hair Analysis Test for Health

The hair analysis test includes 115 foods, 8 pathogens including toxic metals, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and a free 15-minute telephone consultation with a qualified nutritionist.



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Hair Analysis Test and Personal Health Program

Take the guesswork out of your health with this functional medicine test! Regardless of the condition or symptom you are suffering from, this hair test can help you rediscover good health! We will put you on the right track by analysing your vitamin and mineral deficiencies and offer supplement suggestions and food avoidances to rectify them.

A varying range of health problems from these deficiencies includes allergies, food intolerances, IBS, chronic fatigue, M.E, M.S, acne, eczema, fibromyalgia, asthma, weight gain, constipation, arthritis, thyroid imbalance, anxiety, depression, and more can be successfully eliminated and bring you back to your former healthy self.

Non-invasive hair testing is proving to be an increasingly popular tool, used by more and more people seeking a natural, safe, and effective path to better health and well-being. Hair testing is a very cost-effective alternative to conventional tests such as saliva, blood, or urine. It is also extremely convenient as you simply send us several strands of your hair in the post and receive your results by post or email in the comfort of your home.

  • Start by buying a test online and downloading the application form.
  • Pull at least 4 strands of hair root samples from the back of your head.
  • Attach the sample to our application form.
  • Send in the form to our partnered laboratory and within 7 working days of receiving your sample, you will have your report to read via email or a postal version.
  • You can then book your 15-minute FREE consultation over the phone with one of our in-house nutritionist practitioners. An expert will discuss your results so that you can learn how to make positive changes to your health.

Its as simple as that!

What You Will Receive

  • Comprehensive Hair Test including 115 foods + pathogens, toxins, and nutrients.
  • Personal 9-page Results Report.
  • 35-page PDF health guide ‘Free of charge’.
  • Online and postal results services are available.
  • Free postage (local & international).
  • 7-day results turn around locally (a little longer internationally).
  • A free 15-minute telephone consultation with a qualified nutritionist.
  • A 20% discount when you purchase any  Holistic Health supplements.*


“After only two weeks of following the results of her hair test Victoria’s Eczema has completely gone and now after a month or so her skin condition is so much better.”

Margaret – Midlands

I adhered to the regimen you planned for me; my cholesterol is down from 6.0 to 4.9. My breathing, which was very laboured is now almost normal. I would say there is 100% improvement in my general health.”

Eric – Blackburn

Since I had this hair test, I haven’t looked back – the first month was hard as it involved a whole dietary life change, but now I have energy and enthusiasm (my spark has returned), my weight has stabilised.

Bart – Berks


*Disclaimer: The services offered on this website are not diagnostic or designed to treat or cure any disease, illness, or condition. The programs are based on dietary and nutritional programs that support the body’s natural processes. If you have any illness or condition or you are concerned about your health, you should see a health professional.  A 20% discount is offered on your second purchase of supplements.


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