Feng Shui

Use this ancient wisdom to create balance and harmony within ourselves and our environment.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui means wind and water – the most powerful elements we cannot live without. They are believed to be responsible for health, prosperity and good fortune. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese wisdom used in modern times to create balance and harmony within ourselves, our environments, our homes and our businesses. By working with the natural energy or chi force which is everywhere, knowledge is offered on how to work with this natural flow in order to lead to a positive outcome.

Feng Shui does not create good fortune by itself. It creates favourable energies around your personal space so that you can enhance your existing good fortune or reduce bad effects when going through a period of misfortune.

What happens during a Feng Shui consultation?

You will be asked to fill out a confidential questionnaire which will give me an idea as to why you are seeking help. A site plan of your home or business – preferably from your architect, surveyor or mortgage lender would be best but not essential. A plan drawn by yourself can work. If this is not an option then I can supply a plan at an extra cost. A site visit and photographs or a video is needed for reference. This can then be confirmed at your convenience. This normally takes between 2-3 hours – depending on the size of the property.

What is included?

Discussion of your problems and goals.

Tips in advance.

My Feng Shui report comprising of:

Compass reading and energy analysis.
Interpretation of your birth data.
Charting of your good and bad directions
Analysis of your property inside and outside.
Tips on plants, colours, paintings, ornaments & mirrors.
Tips for boosting personal energy, calming tension, improving health.
Clutter clearing guidance.
Advice on reducing electro-magnetic stress.
3 month follow-up advice.

Price: From £150.00 depending on the property size and location. This includes travel within a 30 mile radius of our area.  £120 if only a virtual consultation.

Terms: Payment of 50% in advance for preparation, analysis & travel. Final 50% during my visit.

A follow-up visit: £95 plus travel costs. Please ask me for a quotation.

For a follow-up by Skype/Email: £30 for one month.

Terms: Payment in advance by bank transfer or cash.

Please text 07799183362 to book.


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