Enrich Baby’s Life – Naturally

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About Course

Decorate Baby’s Nursery Safely

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step process on how to enrich a baby’s life naturally, including how to decorate a baby’s nursery safely. Learn how to work with Yin/Yang, the elements, colours, objects and shapes to give baby the best opportunities destiny has to offer. The harmonising and balancing don’t stop there. Essential facts and figures are presented – helping you make very important decisions on why changing from regular products to more earth-friendly versions is so important. Be comforted with the knowledge that you are giving your baby the very best start in life – naturally and holistically.


The aim of this course has been designed specifically for you – whether experienced or inexperienced, to learn how to manipulate the mysterious energy phenomena which are in everything – including us. This will help put you and your baby on the right track for a more positive life enrichment outcome. You will be shown module by module, step-by-step help, to navigate the Feng Shui maze which can befuddle many.


You will be guided with clear explanations, supported with vibrant images, easy-to-read posters, food and product recipes, and informative videos, and given some affiliate and non-affiliate shopping links to help you on your way to creating a harmonious, balanced nursery and eco-friendly baby. The suggested affiliate links (to shop for baby and you, whether it be furniture, nappies/diapers, or toys and other consumables), are at no extra cost to yourselves and where possible, a discount code is offered too.

Course Outcome

The main outcome from this course is to:

  • Learn and understand what Feng Shui is and how it can support the mind/body/opportunity and balance of you and your baby
  • Help harmony grow in the home through careful planning of colour therapy, furniture/object/plant choice, and careful placement
  • Become more eco-friendly and health-conscious for baby through product choices such as curtain dressings, flooring, furniture, toys, clothing, food, and product consumables
  • A certificate of completion will be yours to print and display proudly in your baby’s nursery so others can see you mean serious business.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand how to use Feng Shui tools
  • Be confident to grow harmony in the home and be eco-friendly
  • Know what to look for through product choice
  • Make your own food and product recipes
  • Receive a certificate of completion

Course Content


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Module 1
Knowledge outcome Module 1  Pronouncing Feng Shui, its translation and meaning  How luck works  Yin and Yang principles  Understanding how energy works

Module 2
Knowledge Outcome of Module 2  Things to consider when choosing a room  How to take an accurate compass reading  Practice how to plot directions on the example plan  Working on your own property

Module 3
Knowledge Outcome of Module 3  Understanding the five element principle  The productive/destructive cycles  Understanding the life enrichment chart  Using this Knowledge

Module 4
Knowledge Outcome of Module 4  Choosing the right colours, shapes & patterns  Types of paint and their Safety  Wallpaper and its sustainability  Using eco-friendly Tools

Module 5
Knowledge Outcome of Module 5  Choosing the right flooring  Types of Windows dressings and safety  Using appropriate lighting  Being aware of Electromagnetic stress

Module 6
Knowledge Outcome of Module 6  Choosing the right furniture  Where to place the furniture  Using appropriate Pictures and plants  Types of soft furnishings, bedding & throws

Module 7
Knowledge Outcome of Module 7  Going Organic – baby food and clothing  Safety of toys and how they can support baby  Choosing suitable baby consumables  Helpful links found throughout the course

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